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Relationship Consultant,

Coach, and Counselor

Bree Zimmerman

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.                                                                                                     ~Thích Nhất Hạnh


Through ethical interactions, we can create relationships that meet our needs and fulfill our desires. I am committed to facilitating alliances that encourage openness, honesty, and compassion. More about me...

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I am delighted to be doing work that I love. It is my dream to help people to see ...

As a Masters educated practitioner, with a focus on relationships and a specialization in ethical non-monogamy and other non-traditional lifestyles, I have cultivated a hybrid practice with components of traditional psychodynamic & humanistic therapies with the freedom and flexibility provided by a coaching practice.


Are you ready to get to know yourself and create more fulfilling relationships with others? I collaborate with individuals, partners, roommates, family members, and groups to invite healing and deepen connections.

If you identify as polyamorous, or otherwise non-traditional in the structure of your relationships, I can help you find clarity around your lifestyle so that we can transcend limitations often encountered in traditional therapy. No matter the type of connection, let’s explore tools and concepts which can help deepen and expand your current or desired relationships.

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Who I Help
  • Romantic partners looking to connect more deeply

  • Individuals exploring non-monogamy​

  • Couples considering opening to non-monogamy

  • Relationships desiring a healthy and loving separation

  • Family members, co-workers, friend groups, and poly pods experiencing interpersonal challenges 

  • Individuals struggling with conflict and challenged by feelings of anger or jealousy

  • People who are unsatisfied by traditional relationship models

  • Folks who are diverse in culture and experience, age and gender

How I help
  • Teaching authentic, effective communication skills and conflict resolution 

  • Creating a caring, stable space so that everyone feels heard, and mutual understanding can be experienced

  • Healing wounds associated with current or previous partners or families of origin

  • Social skills coaching for people who desire a better comprehension of the feelings of others

  • Offering short term assistance and long term relationship maintenance

  • Committing to an atmosphere of understanding; I will not pathologize your lifestyle or your challenges!

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