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I provide assistance to people who are unsatisfied by traditional relationship roles and Individuals exploring non-monogamy, as well as those from a monogamous framework.
If you are challenged by feelings of anger or jealousy, I can help to provide new perspectives to shift these sometimes stuck emotions and discover the deeper necessities at their roots. 
I am committed to an atmosphere of understanding. I will not pathologize your lifestyle or your challenges.




Is your poly pod, friend group, or work place experiencing interpersonal challenges that seem insurmountable? Allow me to provide a caring and stable space to process through so that everyone feels heard and healing and mutual understanding can be experienced. I utilize NVC and other conflict resolution tools to get to the unmet needs of each individual so that the group can become stronger as a whole.

I am available for short term consultations and long term relationship maintenance.


It is important that potential clients be able to access someone with competency in open minded perspectives on relationship design.
Therefore I operate with flexibility around pricing and sliding scales to those who demonstrate a financial need. 

Contact me to set up a consultation.

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